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Jiufen, also spelled Jioufen or Chiufen, was only an isolated village until 1893, when gold was discovered in the area. In 1989, Hou Hsiao-hsien’s A City of Sadness, the first film to touch on the 228 Incident, then a taboo subject in Taiwan, became a big hit in the theatres. As a result Jiufen, where the film was set, revived due to the film’s popularity. The nostalgic scenery of Jiufen as seen in the film, as well as appearances in other media, charmed many people into visiting Jiufen.



















Historical street/Sheng Ping theater/Taro ball/Nightscape

From Meander to Jiufen, first need to take train to Ruifang Station, transfer the bus 825, 827, 1001(886), or Golden Fulong Line.

Enjoy Meandering!

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