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Wulai Hot Spring

Wulai is famous by the hot spring and cherry blossom, and Wulai means “Hot water which is smoking” in Atayal Tribe, one of the Taiwanese aborigine. The hot spring water of Wulai is crystal-clear and drinkable. It’s sodium bicarbonate spring. That spring also called “Beauty Spring” because it can mend the skin.


Ya Ke Aboriginal Boar Meat Sausage / Moon Aboriginal Boar Meat Sausage and Millet Sticky Rice / Hot Spring Egg with sorghum liquor flavor / Wulai Old Street / Wulai Miniature Train / Waterfall / Cherry blossom(In winter and spring)








Full Moon Spa

Wulai Waterfall visitor center

From Meander to Wulai, you need to take the MRT(Green Line) to Xindian station and transfer to bus #849. Only need 1 hour to get there.


Enjoy Meandering!

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